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Swiss Solutions terms and conditions

The website (“Traduceri cu doctori”) is owned and operated by SC. SWISS SOLUTIONS SRL (VAT number: RO 16690284, registered with the Trade Register under number J35/2362/2004, business address: str. Ion Cristoreanu nr.4, Timișoara, jud. Timiș, e-mail:

By navigating the website and clicking “Request quote”, a Client affirms she has read, understood and expressly accepted the terms below. Swiss Solutions reserves the right at any time and without any prior notification to change and update this website’s content or the Terms and conditions for its use. Any differences or misunderstandings between Swiss Solutions and the Client will be subject to the Terms and Conditions valid when the quote was requested.




Client: a legal entity or natural person who requests a quote.

Content: all the information on the Website which may be visited, viewed or accessed by using electronic equipment:



Swiss Solutions is the trade name of S.C. SWISS SOLUTIONS SRL, a Romanian legal entity headquartered in Timișoara, strada Ion Cristoreanu, nr.4, registered with the Trade Register under number J35/2362/2004, VAT number RO 16690284.

Quote: the document which Swiss Solutions sends to the Client to inform them of the final price for the ordered service.

Final invoice: the accounting document which the client receives after agreeing to the price proposed and on which the payment is based.

Source language: the language from which a document is to be translated.

Target language: the language into which a document is to be translated.

Services: translation, notarization, interpreting and apostille services in the form of documents which Swiss Solutions will supply to the Client based on documents and requirements specified by the Client.

Quote request: the inquiry made by the client.

Website: the domain and all of its sections and subsections.





Swiss Solutions may subcontract a third party (a collaborator or freelancer) for Services regarding the fulfilment of the Order, by informing the Client, the agreement of such not being necessary. Swiss Solutions will always be responsible before the Client for all contractual obligations.



The content as defined above, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, trade symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content shown on the website, is the exclusive property of Swiss Solutions, the latter having directly or indirectly reserved all the rights obtained in this sense.


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The translations will be performed by sworn translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice, by native translators or translators specialised in different areas of expertise. On the Client's request, the documents translated by translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice will bear the signature(s) and stamp of the translator(s). Also on the Client’s request, Swiss Solutions will also handle the notarization of the signature of the translator(s) at the offices of notaries public.


Swiss Solutions will treat as confidential any information which the Client provides. That information will be disclosed only according to the conditions mentioned in the Terms and conditions.

During the project and for two years afterwards, Swiss Solutions will not disclose to third parties any information regarding the Client and the Client's operations, or regarding the content of the documents, files, data, drawings, sketches, plans, projects (collectively the “confidential information”) which it receives from the Client or which it had access to based on the nature of the services provided, or any other information regarding the Client’s operations of which it became aware during contract execution. Swiss Solutions will treat all the information it receives from the Client as confidential—regardless of whether the Client has specified it as such—according to the conditions under this contract.

The obligation to observe confidentiality is not considered to be infringed upon by Swiss Solutions in the cases in which Swiss Solutions can prove that the information

  1. was legally accessible on the website before being communicated by the Client.
  2. was publicly accessible before being communicated to the website
  3. was accessible to the public or third parties after it was communicated to the website, without being at fault.
  4. corresponds to other information or documents legally disclosed at any time to the website by an authorised third party without that disclosure obligating website to confidentiality.

This site takes all security measures to protect our users’ personal information. Whenever personal data is entered into our website, that information will be protected both online and off.



The Client may issue complaints regarding the non-compliance of the translations within 15 working days from receiving the documents translated by Swiss Solutions. Following this term, complaints will no longer be considered, Swiss Solutions being exempt from any liability. If the Client notices translation errors, Swiss Solutions will remedy them free of charge within 2 working days.



The term for providing the translation will be jointly decided by the parties for each individual project, depending on its complexity. This term may vary according to the number of pages to be translated, the difficulty of the text, the translation combination (from Romanian into a foreign language, from a foreign language into Romanian), the source and target languages, and any images that have to be processed. The term will be jointly established in writing only after Swiss Solutions confirms it has received the documents to be translated. Translations can be made from and into all established languages. Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. The work schedule of Swiss Solutions is between 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.



The client may contact Swiss Solutions at any time to change the option regarding the agreement offered to Swiss Solutions.




The price, the method of payment and the payment deadline are specified in the Quote emailed to the client following the quote request made on the website.



a) Swiss Solutions cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind which the Client or any third party may incur following the fulfilment by Swiss Solutions of any of its obligations according to the “Quote request” and for damages which result from the use of the Services after delivery.

b) By selecting the button “Quote request” or using the Contentthe Client expressly and unequivocally accepts the Terms and Conditions of the website, as amended, which are communicated within the website, existing on the date on which the context was used or the “Quote request” was placed.



Any questions which the Client may have can be addressed directly on the website through the chat box in the lower part of the page.



a) Data are collected to:

– inform the Clients regarding the validation, transmission and invoicing of the orders, or solve cancellations or problems of any nature regarding a Quote or the purchased Services.

– email newsletters or periodic alerts.

– may supply personal data belonging to the Client to other companies with which it has partnership relationships, but only based on a confidentiality agreement on their part and only to provide the service to the Client, through which it guarantees that these data are kept under safe conditions and supplied according to applicable laws as follows: to the providers of courier services, to the providers of marketing services, to the providers of payment or banking services, and to external collaborators (freelancers).

– The Client's personal information may also be provided to the prosecutor’s office, the police, the courts of law and other relevant bodies of the state, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and on express request.



Neither party will be responsible for failing to perform its contractual obligations promptly or appropriately if such a failure is totally or partially due to force majeure.



This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any litigation between Swiss Solutions and the Client will be solved amicably or, if this is not possible, by the competent Romanian courts of law in Timișoara.

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